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"Can you give me a price over the phone?" 
Not normally, it is very important that a survey is carried out to establish that the carpet or upholstery is actually suitable for cleaning. This saves problems for both the client and ourselves on the day. Surveys and quotations are completely free of charge and you are under no obligation whatsoever.

"Can you remove all the stains on my carpet?" 
Please be assured that we always try our best and will give you a realistic opinion of what results can be achieved. Most marks will come out during the clean however no guarantee can be given for complete stain removal as some stains cause permanent colour change depending on the fabric type. Any success at removing these types of stains is often diminished by home remedies that have already been tried before the technician is called out to deal with them
"Will I have to empty the room of furniture?" 
The less furniture the better, however we understand that this may not always be practical or even possible if space is limited. We do ask that small and breakable items are removed from the room and shelves cleared etc this will be discussed at the survey stage so the client knows exactly what to expect on the day.
"How long will it take my carpets to dry?" 
The majority of carpets are dry within 2- 3 hours, depending on the system used. However in some cases where extensive treatment due to a heavily stained carpet has been provided the drying process may take longer.
"Will my carpet shrink?" 
We will inspect the carpet prior to any cleaning taking place. During this inspection any risk of potential shrinkage can be identified and discussed with you. It may be that the carpet fittings are not secure and require correction. Some carpets are more prone to shrinkage and may have to be cleaned by an alternative method but this would be thoroughly discussed with the client before any work proceeds.
"Are you fully insured?" 
Yes, we hold full public liability insurance including treatment risks for your complete peace of mind.
"How often should I have my carpets cleaned?" 
Carpet is expensive, professional cleaning of your carpet will prolong its life and keep it looking better, we would suggest at least once a year in a normal domestic environment.
"What are the round discs that you put under my furniture?" 
They are protective coasters and are there to protect your carpet from rust or furniture stains. You should wait until your carpet is completely dry before removing them.

"What methods of payment do you accept?" 
We accept both cash, cheques and Bacs payments. 
Balances are payable to the technician on the completion of work.